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Round Eco Pot Rainbow Gift Set

Round Eco Pot Rainbow Gift Set

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Rainbow bundles of our popular, round grow pots made from recycled bamboo fibre. Presented in attractive Kraft packaging, making them the ideal gift for gardeners and Grow Your Own Enthusiasts. 

Our grow pots are highly durable and reusable, unlike standard plastic grow pots. 
Pre-pressed holes on the base can be easily pushed out with a pencil or screwdriver if drainage or watering from the bottom is required, or simply left if to be used as a pot covers.

Our round Eco Pots are perfect for seed starting and growing vegetables, herbs and flowers. They are also ideal microgreens - start a edible garden on your window sill!

Small Round Eco Pots: 

Height: 7.5cm
Base Diameter: 5cm
Top Diameter:
Volume: 0.25l
Colours in set: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Pink & Black.

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